one-on-one consulting

I like to begin all my client engagements with one-on-one consulting. Whether we meet in your home or office, this will be a time for me to get to know you more, so that we can determine the best way to reach your goals.

The most important outcome of our initial consulting session is that I get a sense of who you are in your everyday life — your interests, lifestyle, and hobbies — all of which ultimately determine how you’ll dress every day. We can also dive into many specifics: your daily routine; your time constraints; the kind of work you do and the places you do it; what you do for fun; where you like to travel and how often. The more I know about what’s important to you, the better.

This session is easy, laid back, and fun — but it’s also a big step. Not only are you giving me a glimpse of your life and style, you’re opening up about yourself — telling me what you feel good in and what you want to get out of our sessions.

My goal is to know you well enough so that I can begin to anticipate your needs, suggest new ways of thinking about clothing and style, and help guide you in building a very personal and sustainable wardrobe.