Finding your style is about editing your life. I’m here to help you write the next chapter.

I love helping people. I love when people open up, try new things, and take chances. I love it when my clients suddenly see themselves in an entirely new light, or from a completely different perspective.

We all have a sense of who we are and how we’d like to be portrayed, but sometimes it takes a little help getting there. Understanding how to choose the clothes that make you feel like YOU can be a huge part of your own paradigm shift.

Exactly what do I do? Ultimately, I’m here to encourage people to live an authentic and genuine life. I use clothing as a vehicle to help them get there.

I love the concept of style, however I’m not driven by fashion or trends. Your personal style should always be the trend you follow. Why let others dictate what you wear?

You should be you — instead of trying to look like someone else. When you find items that make you smile, when you discover the energy that comes from doing something your way, it’s amazing how your inner beauty shines through. That’s what personal style is all about.

Let’s eliminate the uniformity and chore-like feeling of getting dressed each day. Together we can put the fun and creativity back into your wardrobe. It’s all about you and what makes you feel great.

It might just change the way you think about life.

Phil, corporate executiveThe experience was transformational. I’m a finance guy — I finance transformation. Before Deirdre, if you’d said that by changing your clothes you can change your life, I would have gone ‘pfft, really?’ Now, I like shopping. And that blows me away.”
— Phil, corporate executive