closet organizing & editing

Your closet is a personal, private space that’s to be treated with care and respect, just like anything else that’s one of a kind. While working together, we’ll edit out the items you don’t need and organize the rest so that choosing what to wear every day becomes fast and easy.

This process will show you that your closet has many hidden treasures. Before we visit stores and boutiques, let’s shop your closet first.

Whether it’s a blazer you never know when or how to wear, shoes that don’t seem to match other items, or shirts that still have their store tags, we’ll take a journey through your wardrobe and see what really works — for you.

The goal is to set up your closet according to your lifestyle. You want a closet that reflects who you are and flows with the ins and outs of your daily life. For example, items will be sorted by occasion rather than color, and staples in your wardrobe will be front and center so that they are easy to find. All of this will make dressing effortless, day in and day out.

Finally, an organized and edited closet benefits your frame of mind; it generates feelings of satisfaction, strength, and confidence.

It’s you at your best, starting each day!