personalized shopping

If we can’t find everything you need in your closet, we may decide it’s time to buy a few new pieces — clothes for special occasions or destinations, or maybe a few basics that will mix well with what you already own.

While I can shop for you in a pinch — as a “personal shopper” would, without your involvement — working together will be much more beneficial and help you build a sustainable wardrobe.

After determining your needs and wants, I’ll scout the best stores in order to fill your wish list. We’ll shop together-and have a great time doing it.

Remember: clothes should be all about you and your personal style — not what others tell you to wear or what fashion experts dictate to be on trend. The experience of shopping should be a continuing extension of your personal exploration into what makes you feel great. I’m there to make suggestions, point out items you may otherwise miss, and ultimately encourage you to follow your instincts.